We got kicked out of a gun buyback

I'll just say this: no matter how hard or how much you want buybacks to go away, they never will, so abuse them as much as possible by disrupting them like the guys in the video did, by bringing in a few bucks worth of 3D printed plastic and making 100x profit, or by bringing broken shit collecting dust that you'll never be able to sell or want to waste your time on.
If you do this, you're not abusing them, you're helping them.

They're trying to get the support of the Sally Soccer Mom voter, and if you turn this shit in, you are helping them do it.

Turn in 50 unusable 3-D printed lowers? "Our buyback took 50 ghost guns off the streets". The people they want to influence don't know (or care about) the difference.

Broken shit? It doesn't matter. They're after the money shot of the police chief in dress blues flanked by the dumpy AG in sensible shoes standing behind the table of "assault guns".

Anyone that participates in one of these for any reason (greed included) hates freedom. Period.

If you do it, you don't belong here.
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