Urgent help needed for deer retrieval


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Oct 27, 2011
You put more effort in to find that deer than a lot of people would have. I shot my first deer from a ground blind at a family camp in Nova Scotia. My uncle said if we shot one to come get him to help find it. He didn’t want any of us pushing a wounded deer around. He and I took the old army Jeep back to the spot in hopes of hanging another deer in the barn. We found some gray hair but no blood. He said it looked like I shot over him. The next day I still hunted the area kind of hoping he was wrong and that I would find him. 2 days later it was raining and I sat the ground blind because it has a roof over it. A doe came thru and that same buck a minute later. I didn’t miss that time. He dropped in his tracks. Al was right! I grazed over the top of him earlier that week and had the reverse Mohawk to prove it
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