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Tyrannical Gun Law HD 4420

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Aug 18, 2006
Norwood, MA
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Why nothing here about HD 4420? MA Legislators (specifically Marino) wanted this passed by July 31st but hundreds of gunowners yelled back at them and sent legislators scurrying for responses from constituent gun owners! Go to GOAL - Gun Ban to read about it. This is the most outrageous bill ever attempted. Even your gun parts will have to have serial numbers! Got and LTC? well, you can't conceal carry it on you around your town or city unless private land owners whose land you may traverse in your journeys have given permission for you to be on/cross over their private property. Sounds crazy? Folks if you don't know about this check it out and why isn't it on here galvanizing you all to fight it.
There's 186 pages of tyranny right here:

As for us, hell it's nap time and we're all sleepy.
This thing is going to pass at some point or another. The gun tribe is too close to the fire to understand why it appeals to people and at the same time, how to present themselves in a way that doesn't make us look like out of touch kooks. Don't believe me? Read through the gun show discussion and see what we say about ourselves and just imagine how others view us.

The gun people can use a PR refresh. There are too few Brandon Herreras and too many Fudds.
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