Tweetle Deetle is making the rounds.

It should read "Gustapo propaganda machine working overtime in Maine".
Give up your freedom for safety and one day they will take that from you as well!

Funny the govt that allowed him to make threats and did nothing to stop him from killing people.
Is now telling everyone they have a solution after the fact![rofl2]
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I hope he reminded them that his organization in part killed way more people in waco alone.
Therefore, they should all in fact keep their guns and probably buy more.
He could also remind them that they have no problem shooting a 14 year old boy and his dog on his own property or his mother in the face while she holds his infant sister. He should also remind them that this was all over his father who had zero criminal record.

Yeah how about fuq this guy, the horse he rode in on, and everyone who looks like him.
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