trap gun what to buy

Oct 10, 2005
southern ma
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i am looking to buy my first trap gun i would like to know
what kind i should buy.the only thing i know is that i want
a box lock style single barrel.i am looking to spend under 2000
for it i would even take a used one any suggetions would be great thanks
What you have to do is find a shotgun that fits. I went to Fairgrounds traders in Brockton and got a used one. I can't see buying a new one myself. I got a used Remington 1100 for $275 there that was like new. He's got a large selection of used shotguns of all different types.

i have shot trap afew times i realt dont want too buy a used gun
also i m looking for a box lock style gun i realy dont want to get a
semi auto i know i should because they are a little cheaper .i know what one o would get but i am looking for ideas for a single shot
I got a Berretta 20 guage single barrell about 25 years ago that I still shoot trap with. Very light fast to swing light recoil. Harrington and Richardson use to make alot these too.

You might be able to find a single barrel like one of these easily. Their very cheap I've seen them for sale for about $100. Don't let the price fool you, their really well made and a pleasure to shoot.
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