Machine Gun/NFA Shoot June 2nd

Aug 28, 2005
My house and gun shop in NH
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So it's that time of year again and the club I belong to is having another machine gun shoot. It is Sunday June 2nd in Enfield NH from 10am to 4pm ish, from 12pm to 1pm we stop for lunch. The club should have burgers, hotdogs, chips and soda to sell for lunch. This is to raise money for the club and have fun shooting some fun guns. I'm the one supplying the guns. The way it is done is that you "rent' the guns. It's $15 to rent a gun and shoot a few mags through or you can pay $150 and get an all access wrist band and you can shoot what ever you want as many times as you want. I also have some Free non machine guns to shoot,. Your welcome to bring your own ammo, it needs to be factory or good surplus. There will be someone there selling ammo but the supply might be limited. Here is a list of calibers of the guns that will be there.

30 Carbine
300 Blackout

So this year I have 9 free guns to shoot and 27 machine guns. This is for members of the club and their guests. I'm a member so I can have guests, I just have to make a list of who is my guest. I have about 15-20ish slots open. If this is something you would like to go to the PM me so I can get your real name and I can give you the address of the place.

All Set on Helpers Also I need 2-3 helpers to help out at the gun table. The compensation for helping is that helpers get to shoot for free. The help I need is to get people mags, help them load if need be, show people guns, explain how the gun works, also need someone to give the guns that get shot a lot a quick clean, and just generally help out. You should have some knowledge of firearms and how the function. You would have to show up at 9am and be there until 5pm ish.

Here is the list of people that are committed to going
0) Kingson
1) Chris_1001
3) Lxpony +1
4) cannondale4567 +1


Below is a list and pictures of what will be there.

Free guns to shoot

Top SBR Mosin Nagant with 12.5 in barrel. People will know you are on the range with this
Bottom Mosin Nagant Obrez "pistol" 10in barrel, if you like fireball then this is a good gun for that

Mosin Nagants.jpg

Top Mossberg Shockwave in 12g 14in barrel with a stock on it
Middle 20g 11 inch barreled shotgun
Bottom12g,8in barreled shotgun pistol thing


Top Ruger 10/22 with integrally suppressed barrel
Bottom Ruger Mark2 with integrally suppressed barrel

22lr guns.jpg

Top AR9 with 8in barrel and silencer in 9mm
bottom SilencerCo Maxim 9 on 9mm

9mm guns.jpg

Finnish Suomi M31 SBR in 9mm
Machine Guns

Ruger 10/22 in .22lr Open Bolt Machine gun. Started life as a Ruger charger, someone made it open bolt. I had this stock lying around so I put it in it. It is a picky gun. Sometimes it shoots well and other times it doesn't. It shoots fast and can sometimes shoot faster than the mag can feed it
ruger 22lr.jpg

An M16A2 Clone in 5.56x45 with 3 round burst
m16 a2 clone.jpg

Full Auto AR15 in 5.56x45 with spade grips and mounted on a tripod. I have a 100 beta C mag to is fun to shoot with it
Spade AR15.jpg

Full Auto AR15 in 5.56x45 with 16in Dissipator barrel, mid length gas tube
m16 Dissiptor.jpg

Full Auto AR15 in 5.56x45 with 10.5in barrel. "Heat" themed gun
m16 heat.jpg

Full Auto AR15 in 5.56x45 with 7.5in barrel, Tomorrow War themed gun
m16 tommorow war.jpg

Full Auto Krink style AK47 in 5.56x45 that takes AR15 mags
Krink AK47.jpg

Full Auto open bolt PPS43 in 7.62x25. Started life as a pistol. I bought a parts kit and made the stock unfold and also machined the full auto bolt so fit in the semi auto receiver and used the lower for the trigger

Full Auto open bolt PPSH41 in 7.62x25. Started life as a Wise Lite Arms Semi auto. I bought a post sample bolt and a parts kit to use the lower for the trigger. It was a picky gun in semi auto and still is sometimes in full auto

Full Auto Romanian AK-47 in 7.62x39 Started life as a WASR -10 someone converted to full auto
Romanian AK47.jpg

Full Auto MAK-90 AK47 in 7.62x39. Started life as a Chinese's MAK-90 slant back receiver. Someone welded iy up to a square back and converted it to full auto
Mak90 AK47.jpg

Full Auto AR-47 in 7.62x39 with an 8in barrel. Here is the AR-47 the news is always talking about

Full Auto Belt feed M1919A4 in 7.62x51. This is the first gun I build like 15-20 years ago when all the 1919 parts kits where around. I made it into a semi auto. When I got my SOT I got a full auto bolt and machined it to fit the semi auto gun.

Full Auto FAL in 7.62x51. This gun is not a conversion and has probably seen some shit. It started life as in 1964 as a Portuguese Contract gun. Sent to Africa to keep the Portuguese territory's in line, After Portugal had their civil war it was sold off to South Africa where it was rebuilt and then sold to Rhodesia and fought there. When that war ended it was rebuilt again and when Zimbabwe (what Rhodesia became) sold off all of their surplus guns in the late 1990's it was imported by Century Arms. It was sold to a cop that used it a duty gun, then sold to a gun range then sold to me.

Full Auto open bolt DP-28 in 7.62x54. Started life as a Wise Lite Arms Semi Auto gun. I bought a parts kit and machined the BCG and bolt to fitt the semi auto gun and used the lower for the FCG

Full auto open bolt Cobray M11 in 9mm with Stony Creek Armory upper that takes Suomi 72 round drums
cobray M11.jpg

Full Auto Glock 22 in 9mm with 9mm barrel with the Switch. It's got the "switch" on it that the news keeps talking about. Come see how useless it makes it
FA Glock.jpg

Full Auto Open Bolt Finnish KP-44 in 9mm. I bought a post sample bolt, a parts kit and a semi auto receiver. Made the receiver into a SBR and then put made the post sample bolt and FA lower fit the semi auto receiver

Full Auto open bolt Sten Mark 2 in 9mm. Bought a parts kit and tube. Cut out the tube and made the parts kit fit the tube and had it welded up.

Full Auto open bolt UZI in 9mm. Bought a semi auto receiver and parts kit. Converted the receiver to full auto and installed the parts kit.

Full Auto AR9 in 9mm with 3in barrel and silencer. The silencer is almost as long as the gun and the handguard gets a little warm after a few mag dumps

Full Auto MP5 clone in 9mm. It stated life as a PTR9. I got a full auto trigger pack and made it fit

Full Auto open bolt Sterling in 9mm. Started life as a Wise Lite Arms semi auto. I bout a parts kit and machined the full auto bolt and trigger pack to fit the gun. The silencer is fake to cover up the stupid 16in barrel

Full Auto TAC-9 in 9mm. This is a TEC-9/ AR15 hybrid gun someone made, It has a tube receiver and an AR15 like lower. It take AR15/M16 FCG

Full Auto M1/M2 Carbine in 30 Carbine. This is an old Blue Sky import gun from most likely Korea. I bought all the full auto stuff and installed it on the gun
M1 Carbine.jpg

Full Auto AR15 with 8in barrel in 300 Blackout. It is on a KP-15 one piece polymer lower
300 BLK.jpg

Full Auto AR45 in 45acp. with 4in barrel


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I'm in!

but I'm a member after last years shoot so won't be coming as your guest this year. gonna have to put this on the calendar, the weekends are filling up fast.

I am willing to lend a hand.
Been waiting for this sense the last awesome event you held. I'm also a member as of last year like 413dan. I'd like to be a helper as well since me and my boy Dan are traveling together to be there. Super pumped for this. It was so much fun last year and everyone that attended were great people.
Been waiting for this sense the last awesome event you held. I'm also a member as of last year like 413dan. I'd like to be a helper as well since me and my boy Dan are traveling together to be there. Super pumped for this. It was so much fun last year and everyone that attended were great people.
Sounds good, i will put you down as a helper. If that changes let me know
I like to come up for that. I’m not an ammo vendor?… I think I might be too late have to file my forms to bring up my tools. It’s been years, but I think they’re pretty quick.

I’d rather shoot then sell
Here are some video's from past shoot to get you excited about it

Mash up of a bunch of guns


AR-15 with spade grip and 100 round drum dump

Totally being rude. Yeah, I love seeing people shooting, but not hitting.
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