May 2, 2005
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I have about 45 different targets on my computer that are either in .pdf or MS word format that I have accumulated from the web.

If anyone is interested in these, send me a PM with your email address and I will be more than happy to email a zip file with them in it. The zip file is about 2.4MB

Adam sent me the target files, and I've posted them on the web. Rather than asking Adam to send you the files, you can download whatever you want from this location: The first file,, contains all of the targets, or you can check out and download individual targets in the other files.

OK, the problem's partially fixed. The files are back abd you can download everything in one compressed file here. Unfortunately, my host has reconfigured their servers so that they don't show the contents of directories. As a result you won't be able to browse and download individual targets for the time being. I've got a PHP script arount here somehere to take care of that and will put it up as soon as I find it.

I just picked up a package of card stock from Sam's Club. It is 8 x 11 and is great for printing out these targets. I print them in draft mode and they look just fine.
The link is working fine for me now, both directory listing and individual downloads.
I used to print targets from my computer and inkjet printer...I could only print 8-1/2X11 and those 25 dollar ink cartridges got chewed up in a hurry. I figured that the cost of 500 sheets of paper and 2 big ink cartridges was over 50 bucks. I switched years ago to these mailorder targets. For the same money (51 Dollars with free shipping) I got 400 targets twice the size of those that I could print at home. The EZ2C Targets are 11X17 and I could mix and match from 12 different kinds. They come 50 to a pad which makes them easy to carry and keep clean. You can also buy less...80 targets for 15.00[smile]
I ordered some of those EZ2C targets, and they are pretty good. A lot better than a black target area. They have a nice orange area, and the dark areas use a kind of stipple or parallel lines that make it easier to see where they are interrupted by holes.
Great zip file I have large printers and a large photo copier at work and will now be able to make all my own targets.[dance]
im not sure if derek has it on his site, but i have m16/m4 zero targets i can scan for people that need them. PM me if interested.
the scans arent 100% perfect, the have 9 bullet holes in them that ive filled in and fixed so it will not effect the zeroing process at all, it just looks funny sorta.
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I have never had the urge to print my own targets as the paper is the key. Target paper makes nice round holes while most other paper tears. I prefer to use other materials.

IPSC targets are cardboard and are quite durable so they last a long time and also leave a nice round hole. I used to make my own out of waste cardboard (available in the dumpsters at your local industrial park) using a real target as the template and an electric sheet metal cutter (hand held, costs about as much as an electric drill) to cut the out line. This has become unnecessary as IPSC targets can be had free at you local club after a match. I haven't paid for this type of target, ever, and I have been shooting for about 30 years. Brown tape can be bought to patch the holes for a reasonable price.

Paper plates make a great substitute for steel and masking tape will patch the holes for short money. The paper plate material also leaves a nice round hole, much like the card board of an IPSC target.

This brings me back to target material; cardboard is my favorite. It leaves nice round holes, is cheap (free in most cases) and can be patched with brown tape which is also inexpensive. Another advantage is that it is fairly rigid, allowing you to staple a cardboard target to a stick driven into the ground; about as simple a target stand as you can find. Paper plates can also be used in this fashion.

I am going to the range tomorrow to do some accuracy work with my AR and just realized that I am out of targets. I took time off from writing this post to make the targets. On some 12x12 pieces of cardboard. I drew and filled in some four inch and eight inch bulls, using a template and a felt tip marker. I will mount these targets on a larger piece of cardboard, just in case I'm shooting a little wider of the mark than I expect. The only drawback with this system is that you will need black tape or target pasters to cover the holes as you shoot. Brown tape is available from the folks that supply the IPSC shooters for a reasonable price. Masking tape is available at Lowe's for short money. Unfortunately, black tape suitable for patching targets is hard to come by. It is available from an outfit in Everett, but they only sell by the case, actually they want you to by about ten cases at a time.

Even if the cheap black target patching tape is unavailable, you can still save a bundle by making your own targets in the manner I have described and using black target pasters, available at your local gun store.

Shooting can get rather expensive; you have to save wherever you can. I have found that this system is about as cheap as it gets, unless you build your own steel targets, but that's another story.
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