Taccom Stock for the AR Carbine

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Dec 24, 2006
I don't use collapsible stocks on my ARs because I really have no need for them and MA says its a no no. I do, however, shoot Steel Challenge matches with a light weight rimfire rifle built on an AR lower. When 22 ammo went through the roof I turned to air soft rifles for practice on an indoor range with reduced size targets. Unfortunately all of the AR air soft rifles available came with collapsible carbine stocks. I modified two rifles to accept Ace butt stocks at a cost of about $200! Fortunately I used parts off of my 223 ARs and didn't actually spend all that $$. Swapping parts back and forth was a problem I wanted solve without breaking the bank.

A visit to Taccom's web site (check it out) revealed a new butt stock that fits over the carbine buffer tube. It is made out of a polymer and is a good fit over the tube. I removed all of the $$ parts I used on the air soft guns and put them back where they belonged.

I then re installed the original carbine (adjustable) buffer tube that came with each rifle and fitted a Taccom stock over it. Excellent fit with about 2 in of adjustment. I couldn't be happier as I just got to put $200 worth of parts back on my 223 ARs.

This would seem to me to be a great alternative to "pinning". Just install a carbine buffer tube and the Taccom stock and save the adjustable parts for that great day when the M*******s come to their senses. These stocks only cost $25.95 each. The only complaint I have is the colors: green, pink, and paintable white. What ever happened to black?
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