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Sutton, MA: Cops Bust Man With Drugs & Rocket Launcher

Now the m73-million dollar question... :cool:

... otherwise it is just a b-vent flue pipe I am tellin ya. Ha!
Interesting that no mention was made that this hotel is fully occupied by migrants illegal aliens.

My guess is that drugs are now fully entrenched there
Drugs have always been there. That place used to be full of working girls. During covid it was like sutton’s little version of a red light district. That’s what a friend of mine told me.
You can buy that for $75 online and no background check if you're lucky.

If you're unlucky its more like $200 and no background check.

Unless you want the ammo, that's a $200 tax stamp per round and very lucky.
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Wait, are potato guns illegal?
There was a case in Holyoke where a state court ruled that a spudzooka was not a firearm, rifle or nefarious device.

As to the confiscated item:
- It is reloadable? If it is one time use, probably no case
- Rocket propulsion vs. propelled by explosion and/or deflagration could make a difference to the feds
- If legal, will the posessor be coerced into a face saving plea deal for the prosecutor?

I remember two similar cases in MA

One had a photo of a launcher in the paper that had block letters INERT printed on the tube, but it was upside down so the editors missed it.

The other was a 37mm "grenade launcher" the police and news media tried to pass off as the real thing (40mm)
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Technically, yes. Has anyone ever been prosecuted for one? Pretty sure no.
I posted about this 19 years ago.

And no discussion of Spudzookas would be complete without mention of the classic research paper on propellants:

[1305.0966v1] Studying the Internal Ballistics of a Combustion Driven Potato Cannon using High-speed Video
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