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Streamlight TLR-1 Mishap

Nov 25, 2006
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I mounted a new Streamlight TLR-1 on the rails of my Sig 226 9mm some weeks ago. I finally got the Sig to the range today. I had forgotten that this was an untested mount. About 30 rounds into the session I felt the Streamlight launch. Sure enough it was lying a few feet dead ahead of me on the concrete floor of the indoor range.

Upon retrieval I found two very substantial cracks forming a "v" on the lens. But, the light worked (Luxeon LEDs are tough!).

The Streamlight is a decent tactical light for the money, but it is no Sure Fire. The moral is check your mount early and often during range sessions. Or better yet--take the light off for the duration.
A friend of mine took the course with John Farnam this fall at Riverside. He told me that several of the students had weapon-mounted lights that failed. Dunno what kind of lights...
Had the TLR-1 mounted on my G229 .40 for over 500 rounds. Aside from some powder burn on the top of the light, just under the muzzle, it works flawlessly. I made sure to have the rail clean, and torqued the set screw appropriately. I recommend this light. It is bright, the switch has positive activation, and it is solidly built. I can at least prove that my target was illuminated.
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