Spanish Astra 1921/400 9mm largo C&R

Dec 27, 2005
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I found an Spanish Astra 1921/400 in 9mm Largo for $160 on Friday locally here. Two weeks ago i purchased a Star SUPER in 9mm Largo too from him. He offered me the Astra 400 too but i was on the fence about it for $180 then he dropped the price to $160 so i bought it he first wanted $250 for it. I already have an Astra 600/43 in 9mm para. so its a nice set to have both i guess. He told me that nobody wanted it. I guess it was worth it.

BTW; I often change my direction of collecting to what ever comes all at the time if its priced right if we don't buy it we may regret it.
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I tend to jump on a deal when I see it, even if its something i'm not sure I want. I think a lot of people in military surplus firearm (that sounds so vanilla compared to saying milsurps[laugh] ) collecting do the same.
A few months back I remember a well known mail order company had 9mm C&R pistols on sale. Can't remember exactly what they were but it was a GI 45 style pistol. I think they were priced around what you mentioned. I didn't pick one up because I spaced it out. Then next catalog, poof, they were gone.
I heard the astra 1921/400 9mm largo was sought after by German officers during WW2 because it had more power over the 9mm lugers/P38's. The astra 1921/400's are hitting $200 to $400 on gunsamerica lately. My astra 1921/400 came in the orginal box with extra mag, cleaning rod and the orginal paperwork too.

SOG right now has a Star model "B"(C&R) in 9mm for $259 its a copy of a 40's colt 1911a1/45acp. It comes with an extra mag & holster too. its SOG number is #SHG-STARB if anyone wants to order one.
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