Shooting At Northborough House Party Leaves One 16 Y/O Dead


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Sep 16, 2014
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Three people are scheduled to face charges Monday after a Massachusetts teenager was shot and killed during a large house party in Northborough, according to authorities.

Wallisom Texeira Da Silva, 20, of Hyde Park; Arnoldo Nogueira Filho, 19, of Northborough; and Pedro Desouza-Passos, 27, of Rockland, are facing firearm-related charges in connection with the death of the 16-year-old victim.
House is near me, and quiet nice…

Also awesome party house as this is a pretty isolated part of town.

The Northboro PD response was that they called every police department in the region to respond.
Looks like the exact type of house some rich yuppie would tear down to replace with a luxury barn. From the days when houses were allowed to be unique and have character.
LOL How old is that thing 1950's at most? My much older house is shaped like a barn.
The three arrested were charged only with firearms charges. One felon in possession as well as assault weapons charges (30 round magazine) and no FID charges. The other two: assault weapons charges (again the magazine) and possession of ammo without FID.
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