Second Amendment Rights and Politics USA

Mar 6, 2012
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I am new here from MA, fairly recently licensed and getting up to speed. I have really been interested to read the legal, political and technical information shared on this site,and being that it is local is even nicer.

Like everyone else I am painfully aware of based on politics how much we Americans hate eachother at least half the time, bitterly separated by all kinds of social and policy issues. So, I was not surprised reading this (and other) firearms enthusiast forums and seeing angry political outbursts every other post or so, nor does it really bother me, but it got me thinking to write this post.

I was recently at North Shore Firearms and at the counter one of them told me that this year was breaking all the records for firearms sales. Then reading this forum, about how gun sales are huge and the various speculative reasons why, including the article in the Herald etc.

So, MA is a very 'liberal' state as we know, and for me that was never a terrible word. I would not consider myself firmly planted in any camp at all, and really don't even feel like voting anymore. When I started getting into guns and gun rights, out of a basic need, of course it really began to bother me how utterly stupid the laws in this state are, and really in much of the nation as a whole. It is a terrible idiocy when the nation or state must protect you, from yourself, such that you might be killed... stupid.

Now, there are a LOT of things that I do not agree with on the right wing of US politics at the moment. It is just not my style a lot of it, however it is mostly right on 2nd amendment issues as far as I am concerned. Something I think is worth understanding, especially when I read through this forum, is that there are a lot of so-called 'liberals' 'progressives, 'lefites' or otherwise non-righties, who really support 2nd amendment rights. I've seen them in the gun shops and I know many myself.

What I see is that the anger directed straight down partisan political lines against the 'left' about gun rights may be damaging to the cause. I think the only way the 'left' is going to have minds changed is from within, by people like me using logic to make change. It does not really help the cause to use a broad brush and paint everyone on that side, even those working for your cause as 'the enemy'. To really gain momentum for this movement I think it is useful to realize that this issue stretches across party, culture and social lines. The sooner political party alignment is separated from 2nd amendment rights issues, the faster the movement is going to pick up speed and power.

There are a lot of people on the other side politically who might listen to reason when it comes to gun rights, that is already happening, but it is much harder to get them to put their votes and social power behind that if they think they are supporting the 'right wing' by doing so, because there are a lot of OTHER agendas that go along with that which they may disagree on. I guess it is an important question; what is most important- 2nd amendment rights or a complete right wing package? A complete package is going to be a huge and very long battle that even many 2nd amend. supporter will oppose, but 2nd amend. rights on their own could become a very powerful issue across all lines.

That's my $.02 on this one. I like this forum no matter what people's politics are, that is always interesting to me as well.
If I had it saved somewhere I'd post the video from boondock saints

When The dude says "there was a fire fight "

Second to the video I took a pic of this dude at a papa ginos

If I had it saved somewhere I'd post the video from boondock saints

When The dude says "there was a fire fight "

Second to the video I took a pic of this dude at a papa ginos


That guy looks like someone I know, maybe without the beard, but it ain't me, and I hate Pap Gino's.
My original post above was partially eaten by this site, timed out strangely.. but part of that was that alleged surge in recent gun sales, may or may NOT be due to alleged fears about Obama or somesuch taking away people's guns. There likely IS a lot of that, but I'll bet there are a lot more just like me, who see the breakdown of society, an increased interest in personal responsibility and govt and/or civilian threats coming from MORE than 1 or 2 different locations. I'll bet a large number of new gun buyers have no reliable political affiliation on the right or a 'fear of Obama' for example. So point is, 2nd amendment supporters would be LUCKY to have active folks among them who do not share their political affiliations, because broader is better.
Thanks for the link, interesting video, not sure I fully agree with all that, but interesting.
I think we could use a little more 'democracy' here and little less corruption and wasted votes, but that is a different issue.
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