quick question, what would be good to wrap lever rifle lever with besides leather?


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Dec 2, 2005
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I know people often wrap the lever of a lever gun with a leather strip to prevent your knuckles from getting chafed by the lever when cocking, but is there some simple modern material like closed cell foam or some kind of tape which would be durable but soft and easy to get onto the loop?
Paracord would be even more cushion-y than leather, if you leave the core inside.
Some thinner foam seal tape would probably work.

I get it regarding wanting to pad the lever. I have a big bore 94 AE and it's a little rough on the back of your fingers or hand when trying quickly load a round.
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If you do decide to go with something leather look at Andy’s Leather. He’s a NES guy that makes butt stock cuffs and lever wraps. I have several of them and they work and feel great.
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