Preban or not

The prices are only a 2nd order effect from horrible laws. The first order cause is limited supply.

Higher prices for scarcer product is “reasonable” in every single market.

If you’ll notice, AR and Beretta M9 preban mags are MUCH cheaper than square notch Glock mags. That is because there are far more of them.

As for opportunistic hustlers, maybe some sellers. But the opportunistic people I see are the ones scouring free states for cheap pre-ban mags and then selling them in MA. Not only does this give us more selection in-state, but also helps flatten the price inflation, these “opportunistic hustlers” are very helpful to us. And they get paid for their time scouring the free states.

Meh, The first order problem is actually that most preban mag buyers are at least a little bit retarded. A combo of lack of knowledge, fear porn etc, drives the back end of whole thing, one hand washes the other. There's no price tamping when pant shitting hysterics are in play.

Also nobody is flattering anything at this point. It's max cosby all the time, because the sellers know anybody who buys the crap at this point is retarded. So they will settle for max profit over speed of sale.
I honestly find that people are afraid to keep their money. We already have horrible laws, but we also have too many opportunistic hustlers and those who are just following along.

I’m quite sure if we stopped feeding into it, that the prices will eventually draw closer to ‘reasonable’.


Keeping your money in your pocket when inflation is running wild isn’t a great strategy. Not saying to spend it on preban Glock mags though n
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