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Possible magazine add on charge


Jan 14, 2010
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These news reports don't quite agree with each other. I'm not sure if he's charged with possession of magazines as an add-on charge, or possession of a firearm without a license. It sounds like maybe he has an unrestricted license but was in possession of post '94 magazines with greater than 10 round capacity and NBC Boston missed the distinction.

Either way he sounds like a piece of work.

Harwich man pleads not guilty in rape of three girls. He claims he's being blackmailed.

"Barry Viprino, 42, faces three charges of raping a minor, indecent assault and battery on a person 14 years or older and unlawful possession of large capacity firearm magazines."

Cape Cod man accused of raping 3 victims held on $200K bail

"Viprino was also charged with possession of a large capacity firearm after multiple high-capacity magazines and "the owner's manual to a specific type of firearm" were found in a September search of his garage/office, prosecutors said."
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