Petition to remove gunsmithing from ITAR

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Jul 28, 2016
A petition has been started at to remove gunsmiths from the fees associated with ITAR.

The petition is here:

This petition was started more than a week ago, but it has not gotten much attention yet. I became aware of it today on another forum, and I think (and hope) it may be starting to get noticed.

I have no illusions this petition will have any effect. It will just be ignored like every other petition that the current administration does not like. However, I am still signing it to make the statement that I have not forgotten this issue.

If you do sign the petition, you will probably want to uncheck the box saying that the whitehouse can email you about this and other issues. I would be interested to see future emails about this issue, but not enough so to put up with emails about other things.
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