Para 1911 SSP Px745E Jamming

Jun 1, 2005
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Finally took my Para out to shoot today. It shoots very nicely, when it shoots!

I fired approx. 50 rounds without a hitch (using Remington UMC 230gr FMJ round nose) and then it started to jam with at least one failure to feed per mag for the next 150 rounds! The rounds got hung up on the feed ramp. Seems like it could be a magazine problem. It was often, but not always, on the last round in the mag.

3 mags - 2 Para stock mags, and 1 black mag - that has no markings (it was a used gun). All are 7 round mags.

I had thoroughly cleaned it and oiled it before taking the gun to the range.

Any tips? Clean the mags? Replace the mags? Send it to Para?

Also, what are typically "great" mags? Wilsons, McComrick's (sp?)? MecGars? Others?
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What is happening is a magazine problem. The recoiling firearm is thrown out from underneath that last round. One way to correct this is using magazines with a dimple in the follower to keep the last round in place.
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Cleaned the mags that came with the gun, AND ordered some new Wilson Combat mags. Hopefully one, or both of these, will do the trick.

May replace the springs in the mags that came with the weapon. I need to retest them.
If that gun uses standard 1911 mags, I have had good luck with the wilson 8rounders. I also use CMC power mags in both 8 and 10 rounds. I have not had any mag related problems so far in either my full size or commander size SW 1911s
Analyzing this sort of problem sight unseen is nothing but rank speculation, but let me add my own: I'd have a qualified gunsmith examine, and consider polishing, your pistol's feedramp. It is possible that it has tool marks that, once they've abraded and built up enough jacket material, interfere with proper feeding.
I own two Para OPSes, and my first one had a similar problem. It went away after I broke in the magazines. Basically, after running 200 rounds through the pistol, and keeping the magazines fully loaded for a month, everything worked out fine. I am pretty sure it was the magazine springs being too strong, after a few weeks it worked fine. But, the feed ramp also got worn in a little by the 200 rounds, and that helped.

In all honesty, I would relax. Don't worry till you run at least 500 rounds through it, these things take a little time to break in, things start out tight.
I use Metalform mags in all my 1911s and they function in every brand. These are the std blue mag with round follower. I buy them thru Gil Hebard's out of Knoxville, IL, (309) 289-2700 Anyone with an FFL gets a discount, even if it is a C&R which I have on file with them.

Last price I have was $12.40 each and bumpers purchased separately at $8/6 with screws. Great people to deal with. Call and get a catalog and then do all ordering by phone --- no web site.
Cleaned it, cleaned the mags, still malfunctioning.

Back to Para it goes. Customer support was great BTW! Let's hope they can fix it.
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