"odd" rules for gun clubs

Nov 2, 2005
North Central MA
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OK I'm new to this, so bear with me... I don't understand the reasons for some of the range rules I've read about hear. Can you explain why they are in place?


1) limitted # rounds loaded.
2) limitations to stances
3) no drawing (I kind of understand this, particularly cross draw)
4) no rapid fire.

Aren't we there to practice proper handling, etc. ?

(btw, my range's only limitation is no booze or drugs... of course since I'm still waiting for my liscense (10wks), it may as well have a "no guns" limitation!!)

My thoughts on the matter:

1.) paranoia and pandering to the anti-gun crowd (some gun owners only like their "kind of guns" but have no use for so-called SAW, cop-killer ammo, etc.)

2.) unless someone uses an unsafe stance, see item 1.) above.

3.) benches get in the way, unless someone is properly trained - fear of NDs before gun is on target or injury to shooter in a quick-draw scenario.

4.) some "spray and pray" missing the targets, perhaps putting them thru the roof, walls, etc. LOTS of proper training is required before someone can effectively do rapid fire with pistol and expect to really hit what they are aiming at.
MRA has only 1 round limet for thier outdoor rifle ranges (wich sucks if you have a garand) but thier rational is that the town of Woburn has come RIGHT up to the edge of the MRA property (you really get a feel for it in the fall when the trees drop thier leavs!)

one round in the gun is a 100% prevention against Spray-and-pray.

I was also cited a story of an gunsmithed AR malfuntioning into full-auto. I dunno how valid a scenario is for general safty.

They (like most other clubs) have no drawing....again I can't blame them.

Thier "Rapid Fire" rule is as this "Only shoot as fast as you can keep the rounds on the paper"

That means when I'm shooting my model 60 .22 I can rapid fire (and tear the HELL out of the 10 ring) but I gotta slow down with guns with some recoil. But it allows you to work up to double-taps et al.

As I said in another post: you're responcible for every round you shoot EVERY time. But at a club, if you f***-up not only will you go down, but the gun-grabbers will turn that club into condos faster than you can say "Assault Revolver".

So a little over-caution is acceptable for me. Since it's like driving....its not how good you can drive, it's how good the OTHER guy can drive is what matters!

-Weer'd Beard
Independant Sportsmens's Club in Wrentham has
a 6 rouns max, benchs only for rifles rule. Draws
and whatever stance floats your boat is fine on the
pistol range, but I got hassled once in my 4 years of membership
for the max rounds issue. Personally agitating because I
can't qualify a high-cap mag for carry use if I don't test it
at high capacity.

The benches only for the rifle range is by far the most frustrating.
I understand their worries about a shot going over the berm,
but the dang thing is 20 ft. high! Anyone shooting that badly
could do it from the bench just as easily! So what we get are lots
of hunters who don't get a chance to actually practice their shooting
like they would in the field which is not a good thing.

The problem for gun ranges is liability. If just one round gets outside their club they are in deep doodoo. Most are scared to death of an accident or incident as they are terribly fearful of being closed down. Most do not have the financial wherewithall to withstand a long drawn out legal battle.

One has to put them selves in the clubs shoes and think along the lines of would they allow anything goes on their property. Most clubs are now being required by their insurance companies to buy at least $1 million in liability coverage and many of these insurance companies are even dictating who and what can go on at these clubs. It is a very slippery slope these days and many of these club officers are struggling with what they have to deal with. Many good people will not serve on the boards for fear of liability if an accident occurs.
matt said:
1) limitted # rounds loaded.
2) limitations to stances
3) no drawing (I kind of understand this, particularly cross draw)
4) no rapid fire.

Gun control, i.e., somebody does something stupid and the implement some rules that only really affect the people who weren't doing something stupid. My club doesn't have any of those you list above.

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