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Nevada Long Shot

Sep 19, 2006
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I know we are a long way from Nevada but I thought I'd try asking my question here as my online searches have left me without an answer. I am traveling to Nevada this Christmas and wanted take my handgun with me to shoot there. Is this ok? I know that I have to take a Basic Pistol course to CCW in NV but what about just bringing it to shoot while there?

Any former NV residents or recent travelers?

You might be able to find the correct answer on www.packing.org. Look for NV laws. I'm no expert, but I think you might need to have a NV non-res license to bring it there....but, like I said, I'm not an expert and don't know NV laws.
I don't know the answer, but here are a few sources to run down:

- http://www.handgunlaw.us/ - from here check the state of NV website very carefully, don't believe anything not on an official state website (trust but verify). This site is MORE up-to-date than packing.org.

- Ping Jim Conway (NES Member) as he oftentimes goes that way to FrontSight for classes. He'd likely know their laws fairly well. Still trust but verify!

Good luck and have fun.
I spent two weeks in Arizona and to possess you don't need a permit I believe NV and CO to be the same your best bet would be to call their Dept of Public Safety or the Nev State Police
The majority of states do not require licenses to possess firearms. I'm pretty sure Nevada is the same as I looked it up a while back, but I'm not sure.
One of the best things about packing.org is that, even in it's current state, it still provides links to the appropriate state sites to get the official word about the laws.

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