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need a recomendation from you holster hoarders out there :)


Oct 20, 2005
North Shore
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looking for a concealment holster for my S&W99.
Im a left hand/left eye dominant ambidexterous shooter.
I sit for a good part of the day as well as stand so some kind of balance is needed there.
I can wear clothing that overhangs my waist and have no dress code at work
so OWB is possible as long as it rides high..
looking for all leather,brown/black cowhide, no kydex or plastic. if its IWB the pistol be completely covered from skin contact by a leather strip in behind it..

am i asking too much :)
Not at all. Milt Sparks Summer Special 2. Great and comfortable IWB holster. It will take a while to get it, as they are custom made, but it is worth the wait. I have one for my 1911 (stock at Brownells) and Walther P99 (ordered from Milt Sparks direct).

Tucker Texas Heritage. The most comfy holster I've ever had and I've had a lot of them.

Here's my CS45 in mine. It's very tuckable, about the best I've seen. The wide set clips spread the weight very well. It carries my 1911 also, (they both fit in this model holster - yours will be different) and if you can carry a full size 1911 in a holster, it has to be good.

May I recommend Haugen Handgun Leather of Bismarck North Dakota. Jerry Evans the propriator is a nice guy,a great craftsman and has very fair prices. He has a web page which I'd post but I'm not sure about the rules on this so you might look him up if interested.
Walter Smitty said:
May I recommend Haugen Handgun Leather of Bismarck North Dakota. Jerry Evans the propriator is a nice guy,a great craftsman and has very fair prices. He has a web page which I'd post but I'm not sure about the rules on this so you might look him up if interested.

The rules are . . . post the information so that folks can easily find the answers they are looking for. [lol]
Me too as you already know Nickle. However I didn't respond because he said in his first post that he didn't want Kydex or plastic.
The Texas Heritage IWB looks really nice and comfortable, wide spacing for weight distribution and nice and flat on the backside.
What do you recomend for clips? do J hooks really work well, and/or do they scream "im carrying" if carrying tucked. they should have regular buckles availble correct?
not sure what you mean about regular buckles...snaps ? They have a few different types but they're all plastic. I tried the J type, but they hang on the pants waist band and tend to sag with a larger gun. I use the standard clips. They really hold to the belt well. Whenever you wear an IWB with belt clips, you need to 'blouse' the shirt a bit so that it droops over the belt a little. The shirt will ride up occasionally but I've never had a comment about them the clips. The clips are black and I wear a black belt so that probably helps.

It's no different with any IWB as they all have to attach to the belt somehow and are all visible at times.

Here's the clip types:


Here's the holster on their site:

C Clips for sure. That's what the Owner of Comp-Tac told me I wanted when I replaced my standards with J-Clips. He sent the C's, after a phone conversation. I had already ordered the J's, and he shipped the C's for the J price. The ONLY reason he even offers the J's is that some folks insist on them.

I didn't like the standard clips, with a thin (thickness, not width) belt.
im all ready to order a set , but im curious about one thing and i cant seem to find it explained anywhere on the site.
for the holster you have to designate the front sight style:
Standard or Extra Tall

what would the night sights for the SW99 be considered?



I think im actually going to go with the HF1 and wear it somewhere in the 9-11:00 region, i sit way too much during the course of the day i think to go IWB.
Is that post of your gun with the night sights installed?

Those look (at least the front site I can see) like the standard factory ones.

no you were right, they are Green Tubes surrounded by a white outer ring.
In that pic they looks just white.
im assuming it oculdnt hurt to just say extra tall and play it safe, its not going to effect retention?
It shouldn't effect retention of the holster. Holsters usually contact the gun on larger areas. The holster should be identical to one with a small sight channel, with the difference being the depth of the channel.

When in doubt, you could always contact the holster company and ask.

Well im all ordered up [twisted]
I cant wait till it arrives
HF1 Belt Holster
Tucker Gun Belts 1.5" Buckle = Brass
Double Angled Magazine Pouch
All colored Dark Brown to match

Also picked up a necessity..
44.99$ at Dicks! [shock] :D
just gotta mount it up in the closet. need a cordless ratchet driver.



You'll like theTucker. If you have any doubts about the sight size, call Rob at Tucker. He's a great guy to deal with and will be glad to talk to you about anything. Although I'm pretty sure the sights would be considered standard. They look about the same size as those on my CS45.
Pilgrim said:
A cable locked gun and it's in the safe too?

You do know that the safe is more than sufficient according to law ?

I like my guns a little more ready than that when they're in the safe.

I was thinking the exact same thing... If something goes down, will you be able to open the safe, locate the key, unlock the cable, insert the mag, and dump on in the chamber in time?

Q: I was told by my firearms instuctor that leaving the action locked open was not good fr the gun. It permanently distorts the slide spring. Is this correct?

(sorry for thread jacking)

Don't know for sure, but I would imagine that if the springs are left compressed like that for an extended amount of time, it wouldn't be good.

Then again, I have heard, the thing that wears springs out isn't being left under pressure, but rather the continuous action of extend/compress.

To unhighjack the thread...Matt - don't leave the slides open. It will cause the springs to weaken during performance. Not by next week, but over time, so best not to do it.
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