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Need a Boston area FFL that can help with a transfer...

That is the best option. PDs can do transfers of firearms and they do it for free.
not in Boston, the PD will give you a hard time OP. Best bet is to Bring them into the FBI office. They also prefer them uncased, with no trigger locks or chamber flags. Last i checked they didn't charge a fee.

You're Welcome!
OK in all seriousness, what are you trying to transfer and where is it now?

Pistol or rifle?

in Mass now or are you going to have it shipped in

If you are going to have to have it shipped is it going to be from an individual or gun shop/FFL?

AR or Glock type gun?

Any "evil features" as defined by the Commonwealth of MA
No. For once you should step up and do things for yourself instead of using others.

Plus, pay up and become a member here.

Plus, learn how to say "thank you."

Thank you.

No need to be rude. I greatly appreciate everyone who answered my question.
you didn't answer mine and if you had I could have pointed you in the right direction
Gun outside of MA, generally requires a FFL to FFL transfer, and ALWAYS ask the FFL on your end if they will accept the shipment and transfer it to you.

Lots of guns are sitting in limbo because that was not done.

What kind of gun is it and can you get it transferred to you by a MA licensed dealer

Complete assembled Glocks are hard to transfer, Same with AR platform rifles, and that goes double if it has a forward grip, bayonet lug, etc

Magazines? No mags made after 6/14(?)/94 that hold more than 10 rounds

Mossberg Shockwave or the Remington equivalent ( 14" barrel, 26 inch OAL, not a rifle, not a shotgun, not a pistol or revolver by MA definition it is a firearm IIRC... those are near impossible to get into MA
too lazy to PM him with the information ? too complicated for you to do? or do you need to be a member? hell I have been green for so long,, I don't even know the benefits to it anymore

Some people don't want to be bothered... He never messaged me but that's ok...
OK my bad, missed the post, now what was the question again?

What are you trying to transfer and is it an in state or interstate transaction.

Local to Boston... Collectors in Stoneham, 4 Seasons in Woburn,

Call them and ask if they will do it, and if it is coming from out of state make sure they will accept the gun and transfer it
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