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Mar 17, 2006
New Bedford
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Pictures of my safe, I need another one!

My ammo locker.

Thanks for letting me share.
not as neat as you would think, there is stuff hitting each other all the time! If I had a bigger apartment I would get another safe but I'm afraid the floor will fall through!
Just noticed you live in the same city as me. Nice to know if we ever have a Katrina situation here in N.B. that there are others around here like myself. [smile]
Just let me know, I will do my beest to be there.
The tripod for the 50 weighs 140 lbs!
I usually need to back right where I unload, I can use all the help I can get!
The big one is a Liberty Safe I got it at the Big E show from Eastern Security and they delivered it. It's been a few years since I bought it and I don't remember the exact price but somewhere around 2K.
The racks came from them also, then gun rack, 4 and 6 separate wire racks, you will see them for sale at the gun show, he usually has them on display.

The smaller safe was purchased at AFS and is a Stack-on with a digital keypad. Price around 350.00
Both my safes have them, I prefer them to the dial.
What are those little stand things on the top shelf? Are they home made, did they come with the cabinet, or what? Can you do a closeup picture?

madmarc0 said:
Check a few posts back C-pher was asking the same question.

Just saw that now. I was thinking of making some out of wood or something. If they are less than $10 or so, I might just buy them. I can't imagine a plastic piece costing much more than that.
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