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Feb 27, 2005
Plymouth, MA
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I've never needed any reason to have to be proud of any of our service men and women. You don't need a reason if you're proud of them for what they already are but if someone did need a reason, here it is....
Quite a story. A definite hero, by anybody's standards.

And the scary thing is, this isn't as isolated an incident as the media would like us to think. I've heard some amazing stories about courage from my friends, especially from Brett. His squad leader was incredibly brave (an ex-Marine as well). Brett said that the guy got a Braonze Star for an incident that he should've gotten a Silver Star or a MOH for. And Brett didn't even LIKE this guy, but he did say the guy was a very competent squad leader.

I'm just proud as HELL to say I'm a citizen of the same country as this guy, let alone a fellow member of the military.

I may throw some barbs out at other branches of service, but that's just kidding around. I'd be proud to share a fighting position with a Marine ANY DAY.
Just when I think my heart can't swell any more with pride for our boys, something like this pops up. I think I need a bigger chest cavity.
The guy (an E-6, by the way) I referred to said it wasn't courage. He dragged an injured soldier, out of the way of a fire fight, while having left his weapon and protective gear in his HMMWV. He says his ONLY thought was getting the soldier out of the line of fire. Another NCO had to be prodded to help. After a few prods, he went out to help (with all his gear ON) and later was awarded the Silver Star, while the first NCO was awarded the Bronze Star. Military Politics. It was a very quick, very fluid situation.
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