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MA Extended Archery Season for Whitetail Zones 10-14.

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Mar 18, 2012
A Fair Haven in an unfair state.
Deer hunting information and reminders

MassWildlife filed a regulatory amendment that would extend the archery deer season by two weeks (opening the eighth Monday prior to Thanksgiving) in eastern Massachusetts (zones 10–14). In WMZs 1–9, the archery deer season will remain the same, opening six weeks before Thanksgiving. The amendment will increase hunting opportunities in a region where deer numbers are above management range goals. No changes were recommended for WMZs 1–9, as deer numbers in those zones are within management range goals. After considering comments from a public hearing, the Fisheries and Wildlife Board voted to accept the proposed regulatory amendment in May. Currently, the regulation change is awaiting publication in the Massachusetts Register by the Secretary of State’s Office. MassWildlife anticipates that the season extension will be approved and in effect by the end of July. Check the deer hunting regulation page for the latest updates.
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