Local "youth" shot on Worcester State Campus.

It is lol

Know where i haven't gone back to since i moved away... Worcester

My in laws live in shrewsbury

I lived next to wstate... next to clark... next to Walmart off 146

Went out all the time in worcester... worked hundreds of service calls in the area.

Sorry if calling a shit city a shit city offends you.

I know there are several areas that aren't bad.

But by and large its not a good place to be.

I also can't fathom being upset at someone calling where i grew up shit... i grew up in a trash town on the south shore... i accept it Worcester was a step up over it... that doesn't mean Worcester isnt shit.
Outside of the Clark campus has always been a sketchy area. Over the last 20 or so years Clark has tried to expand its campus into those areas that were always dangerous. The experiment hasn’t worked as thought.
More recently the area near the Worcester Walmart, opposite side of the railroad tracks is sketchy too but when American Steel sat on the property of where Walmart sits, those neighborhoods were strong and hundreds of the men walked to and worked at American steel every day.
I don’t get the near Worcester State experience. There are a lot of good neighborhoods and beautiful houses around there, the vast majority being single family. I spent fours years commuting to Worcester State College (not University then).
I don’t know what the nature of your service calls were but maybe they brought you into more of the multi family neighborhoods where owner occupancy wasn’t what it was when I grew up on Grafton Hill and single parent households were rare and the poor and low income had full time jobs. A lot of that has changed since then but there are many neighborhoods that you would think you were in Shrewsbury.
Shelter in place. The new buzzword. Is it just me or does that sound like a dumb idea. Used to work with a Vietnam vet who was famous for always saying immediately after a group smoke break, "one grenade would take us all out. Lets unass this A-O."
Shelter in place seems very Northern or if not very “ivy league”… I’m not sheltering in place unless it’s weather related… I’m GTFOing out of the general area.. on foot I got my keys and wallet with me.
I've lived in Worcester my entire life, and have worked in Main South for a long time. The shelter that was mentioned was the PIP (People In Peril) Shelter, 701 Main Street. That shelter was closed down due to pressure, and in typical fashion, just moved somewhere else. It is now on Queen Street, near the old City Hospital.

This is the problem with Worcester, and maybe other cities with similar issues; they just push the problem elsewhere. Like @Enzo, I also grew up in Grafton Hill, the lower section near Grafton Street school. I lived there into my mid 30's. I remember the big push in the city was cleaning up the Gardner/Kilby Street area. They called it Beacon Brightly. They did the same thing then, move the problem elsewhere, and neglect other areas of the city. They can't concentrate on more than one thing.

Nevertheless, the neighborhood I grew up in, all owner occupied 3 deckers with decent working people is unrecognizable. We used to say the same thing, a area wasn't bad, just don't go beyond a certain street. That was the line. Well unfortunately the line keeps moving.

Their attention now is all on downtown when they tore the mall down and started developing that area. The whole Canal District/Polar Park thing kind of came out of nowhere. Ironically from their development of the downtown, they pushed the problem right into what would become the Canal District/Polar Park area!! The amount of people passed out ODing in that area, the homelessness, stench of human waste at times is crazy. I've watched people walking from the parking areas to Polar Park with their small children having to traverse people passed out or sleeping in doorways, as well as the aggressive panhandling.

Once again, as @Enzo mentioned, there are neighborhoods further removed from the fray where you seriously wouldn't even know you were in the city. And yes, Worcester State is one of those areas. I'm not saying Worcester isn't shit in some areas, because it absolutely is, just saying that isn't necessarily one of them.

Most city councilors/school committee members are all McGovernites in some way. The word they purport to hate is the problem they create; gentrification!!

Again, don't get me wrong, I absolutely want to get out of the city, not because I don't feel safe where I live, but because I'm tired of living around so many people, traffic, noise etc. Plus it's not in Tennessee, which is my planned retirement destination!
Carrying a gun on campus without permission. Illegal.
Provoking a fight that results in you shooting someone. Illegal.
Shooting another person over a fist fight. Illegal.
Carrying a gun without a permit. Illegal.

And our politicians get away with claiming that the solution is more laws that the average criminal will ignore.
Shooter’s immigration status… illegal.
This thread title sucks.

This isn’t an active shooter. This is shitheads shooting each other. If anything it’s a public service.

Stop feeding the fear.
Yes, it does now. Not when I posted it. That was the info I was given the morning I posted it. We got the call from a friend who works the local hospital that received the victims. As always things change with time.
My daughter goes to this school and the shooting was directly outside her old dorm. Thankfully she decided to commute this year instead of staying there.
Phew. I knew shooter wasn't black.
eventually racial aspect will blend away in this land, and the difference will become same as everywhere - a difference between good kids who sleep at home at 3am and others, who kill each other on a street at 3am.
no one in the world cares what the skin tone was on those killed at 3am as, you know, it is quite dark at 3am - who cares. it is all same scum.
i grew up among the whitests of them all in siberia, and in the outskirt of the industrial city where kids were in gangs and were killing for fun every day. it was a reality to live through. so i am not ever looking at racial factor - a black kid can be great, if raised as a human. and a white kid can be an animal, if raised among animals.
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