LA Cop shot by 3 year old child...

Jun 20, 2006
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How does a 3-year-old in the backseat get his hands on his father’s loaded service weapon and shoot him? The dad, a 10-year LAPD veteran, is in critical condition. There is, according to the newspaper sources, a chance of paralysis. His captain described it as a terrible tragedy.

He patrolled one of the toughest sections of South Los Angeles and reportedly most police officers with those assignments do carry their weapons off duty. Officers are permitted to carry their weapons off duty provided they maintain control of them.

It’s against the law to keep a loaded weapon where a kid can get their hands on it. If they use it, you can be responsible. So the police, it is reported, are also investigating whether any crimes took place. This creates the law school hypothetical of whether you can be responsible for your own shooting, to which the answer seems to be, perhaps.

They are indeed investigating whether any crime was committed. Sources in the paper said there was a threat of paralysis. According to news accounts, the boy wasn’t in a child-safety seat.
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