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How much is YOUR gas??

Jun 7, 2005
The Land of Confusion and Pissed off!
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I came across this...seems to be pretty sweet.

Though, at a penny difference, in a 15 gallon tank. That's only 15 cents a tank full. So I won't drive around for that.

But, if it's cheaper somewhere along my commute, then this tool might come in handy.

Gas Prices by Zip Code

They say that it's updated nightly...but I'm not sure how. Though I must admit, I didn't read around the page. Just popped in my Z-code and saw what came up.
Too much "bad info" on that one.

They list RoJo's as being in E. Walpole. They are actually in Norwood, ~4 miles from the Walpole line.

Too many prices listed are 1-4 days old . . . and these days the prices go up 1 or more times/day, so that is very unreliable info.

I give them points for trying however.

The most useful site that I have found is here (for Boston area):


Their National (+ Canada) homepage is:

http://www.gasbuddy.com/ [You can drill down to your home state and metro-area for local pricing.]

They are posted by volunteers who scout their nearby stations and report in daily. Thus most of the info is more accurate and timely.
We go to Chicopee where it is at least 10 cents or more cheaper than around us. We grocery shop over there so we fill up which ever car needs it at the time.
Skald said:
I fill up at the Unnamed one in Whitman thats across the street from the fire station. Its nice in that its right on the way to school, the bad thing is that its almost always busy or at least when I stop by.
Diamond Fuels? Prime Energy over through the center is usually a cent cheaper [smile]
Best I've seen:

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I was in line at the Braintree Citgo Terminal today. The terminal staff was in the process of blending ethanol into the gasoline system which slowed up the process for everyone trying to load thier trailers (including us fuel oil people).
There was widely accepted rumor floating about there will be about a dime decrease in the retail price at the pump over the next week.
You know how rumors go......but I'm gonna take notice and see if I can make this tankful I just bought last for a while........A dime in my pocket is better than a dime in thiers.
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