How does your shooting method stack up?

Jul 12, 2006
Mill Creek
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A challenging and fun way to hone your shooting skills at home, is to use an airsoft pistol to shoot at empty pop cans tossed up in the air.

Of course, it only should be done in your garage, and only if doing so is "legal" where you live.

It also is a simple way to measure just how effective any given shooting method is for Close Quarters use.

If you can consistently hit small rapidly moving aerial targets at Close Quarters with a shooting method, you also should be able to hit much larger and stationary or slower moving targets in Close Quarters situations.

So the question is: How many aerial targets in-a-row do you think you could hit using your method of shooting with an airsoft pistol, and on a consistent basis?

0 - 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 or more?

I found that it is not easy to hit cans tossed into the air using an airsoft pistol, and even at 6 to 10 feet.

However, after a fair amount of practice, I can "consistently" hit 4+ cans in a row, and even more at times. For example, I recently hit 10 in a row, and then 11 in a row.

Because airsoft BB's can go all over the place, I put together a simple and cheap shooting bay to help keep them in one area.

The bay consists of 3 old sheets that make up back and side drops. See the pic below. Another sheet and two fluffy bath rugs were used as a BB catch basin. Small alligator clips were used to "stitch" the sheets together.

Note the 2 boxes in the pic that are used to hold up a board with cans on top of it. One grandson uses a spring airsoft gun and thinks shooting the cans off of it, is great fun.

To hold the pop cans for tossing, I use a small box that is placed on top of the old step stool shown in the photo. I place it back from the bay and by my weak hand, so I can easily grab one can after another, and toss them up. The speed of the cans, and their distance, height, and direction varies with each toss.

The stand from which the target and pop can are hanging was cobbled together with some "old" pieces of pipe, and some fittings and duct tape. Hangers or wires and alligator clips can be used to hang targets.

"Real" targets can be used by those who like to practice drawing and shooting, and those who like to practice Precision Shooting with an airsoft pistol.

Here is a link to a page on my site that has a link to a video of me shooting at aerials using P&S:

As any type of shooting can be dangerous, try this only at your own risk and expense. And always use safe gun handling practices.

Also, WEAR EYE PROTECTION and suitable clothing. Recently, a BB hit my glasses and hard.


Mom always said don't shoot guns in the house.
You'll shoot your eye out!!

I had tried setting up a similar system down in my basement and quickly realized no matter how hard I tried ricochets were going to happen and was not fun dodging em.... lol... Looks like you worked out something good for yourself but please proceed with caution folks.
I still use the old dry firing method with rifles and handguns, it builds good habits. A simple lazer pointer can be fixed to the barrel with elastics. Aim at the target, squeeze the trigger and see if the lazer moves on the target, If it moves you need more practice[smile]
5shot said:
A challenging and fun way to hone your shooting skills at home, is to use an airsoft pistol to shoot at empty pop cans tossed up in the air.

Where are you from, 5shot?...Nowhere around here calls them "pop" cans. I've got friends in Nebraska that call it pop.
I am from out West.

Have lived in Georgia (army), Kansas (army), Wisc, Alaska, WA, Calif.... so who knows where it comes from.

sodee pop, pop a top.....

At a social gathering, if someone asks you if you would like a drink, a response like "do you have any pop?" will get you a response like, we have 7UP, Coke......

Of more interest to me, what do you folks in the Northeast call it?
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