Got a Fobus Paddle?

Got one. Should I worry??
I'm on 26K dialup. [crying]
A couple sentence summary would help me decide if a couple hour download is worth the trouble.[wink]
A few years back we recieved warnings about the Fobus holsters in use by some of our officers. Most, if not all dumped them. They just don't stand up that well. I never was that favorable towards the plastic holsters. Perfer good ol' leather...
A couple sentence summary would help me decide if a couple hour download is worth the trouble.[wink]
The video shows Person 1 carrying in paddle fobus holster, Person 2 approaches from behind and grabs the firearm. Person 1 reacts grabbing Person 2's hand in an attempt to maintain control of the firearm. Person 2 then twists forward 90 degrees which breaks the holster free. The video ends with Person 2 displaying complete control of the firearm and Person 1 removing the broken paddle from their pants.

I moonlight as a TTY operator [smile]
Thanks patio,
Sounds like Person 1 first failed to keep his concealed weapon concealed.
Not to defend Fobus, but it seems that most "clip on" style holsters would fail under such a direct assault.
I don't recall hearing much discussion about weapon retention relative to non-LEO CCW.
Is this something that trainers now emphasize?
Weapon retention is rarely taught except at police academies.

What we were taught in the police academy is NOT to try to grab the person's hand, but to use other techniques. You also don't just stand there!

Even with that said, I doubt that a Fobus would survive the use of proper retention tactics either.

Fobus is a good range holster, easy on/easy off. Not a good CCW holster!
What's your opinion, given your training and experience..
Should retention training and holster selection be much more emphasized for non-LEO CCW?
Where does a person's responsibility really end? Is simple concealment a responsible answer or should we seriously consider a dual retention style holster over quick access?
Tough question.

If truly CCW, the only retention issues should be:

- Making sure it does not fall out if wrestling with someone or you fall on the ground,

- Making sure you keep control of it once drawn and stay out of reach from the perp getting close enough to grab it.

That said, Murphy could always rear his ugly head . . .

For anyone carrying openly, ABSOLUTELY they need a retention holster and proper retention training, as they are a "target" for bad guys.
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