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Glock Armorer

Mar 9, 2005
Central Ma.
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I have a Glock 23. The slide doesn`t lock to the rear on am empty mag anymore. I`ve tried different mags and it still doesn`t lock back. Anyone know a Glock armorer?
You should be able to call Glock and have them help you troubleshoot it. Have you checked their website? They may have something in troubleshooting of FAQ's section.
Struck out, my friend at the PD (former Berretta Rep) told me that he used to know the Glock Rep in this area, but that guy switched over and is now a Sig Rep and he doesn't know where the guy is based out of.

Plan B as I stated on another forum, check a local PD that uses Glocks.
OK, I stopped by Ames R&P today and found the following Glock armorer's business card on the bulletin board at the club.

THIS IS NOT A RECOMMENDATION. I don't know this person, I'm just passing along the info on his card.

Patrick M. O'Malley, Factory Certified Armorer, 34 Cabot Street, Brockton, MA 02302, 508-427-6557, cell: 774-259-1574

If you go to Brockton, make sure you are "locked and loaded", it is one very nasty city (even though there are some very nice homes there)!
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