found an old school surefire light in my desk


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Jul 2, 2011
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i remember getting this 15, maybe 20 years ago. it runs on a pair of 123a batteries and it goes through them like crazy. i must have tossed it in the drawer when i decided i wasn't going to feed it any more. it does throw a ton of light but it's just one brightness, you can't step it down. i know the tail cap is new. the original broke and surefire sent a new one out. but i found it and decided to add it to the flashlight arsenal. i ordered rechargeable 123a's and the base charging unit. it's solely dedicated to the 123a. i might just leave it in the truck.

Love the L4!! One of my favorite lights.
I rock mine all the time.

Do yourself a favor and get some 1/16” cordage and tie a turks head knot around the rear knurling.

Gives you something to bite on when you need both hands.
Nice thing about the CR123a batteries, is they have a shelf life of almost forever.

They provide excellent power until they fall off to nothing (unlike alkalines, that start dropping the second you turn them on).

Keeping it as a truck light is a good idea.
i wasn't too excited about converting it but i suppose it has to be done. when i bought it, these were top of the line for pocket edc's. i remember thinking to myself it was brighter than the surface of the sun, lol. a lot of water under that bridge now with current illumination technology. my 350 lumen i5r olight eats this for lunch. my plan was to let this live in the truck console, where it's at now, and just forget about it until i need it. i can put the conversion money, granted not much, into another i5r and call it a day. but digging for that brighter side (cool pun, right?) the surefire is solid and built like a tank.
the other day, someone gave me a "cute" little pen light. it runs on 2 AAA's. just to add fuel to my fire, this little light, that i wouldn't have picked up in a million years, performs equally or maybe just a tad better than the surefire. the technology is so far along with edc pocket flashlights now it's crazy. i said above, when i bought the surefire, it was the balls for the time and the technology that was available then. also at that time maglite was just putting out a 3 cell rechargeable light that threw 2,200 lumens and everyone's mouth dropped open with a collective "wow." i just saw a 2 cell equivalent, it may have been an o light, that tossed something 35,000 lumen??? the throw it had was outrageous, something like a half mile. [laugh] i'm kidding, but it was far. edc lights now can really fool you if you haven't kept up with them.
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