Federal Law Requires a Choice: Marijuana or a Gun?

lie they most likely won't find out, if so she is over 70 and being a senior citizen should not give a flying f--k. what are they going to do jail her, the they have to pay for everything
At a nearby gun store, she settled on a .22 caliber pistol that “felt good in my hand.” Then came the problem. A question on the firearms transaction form she was required to complete asked whether she was an “unlawful user” of marijuana or any other drug categorized by the federal government as a controlled substance.

Ms. Cooper is registered in Florida’s medical marijuana program and relies on the drug to ease her chronic knee pain and sleeplessness. She answered the query accordingly, and was told that as long as she held a marijuana card, buying a gun was not possible.

Two points.

First, unless she was at that time smoking or under the influence of the devil's cabbage, she isn't using it. President Clinton settled THAT matter for all time with the blue dress incident.

Second, for F*** SAKE what's the point of a .22 for self-defense? At LEAST get a .38.
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