Expiring medical marijuana card and obtaining LTC

I thought anybody can just walk into a dispensary and pick up some product without a super secret weed license.
Depends on the state. I believe half of states either don't allow recreational or ban weed entirely still.

FL needs a medical card WITH a prescription @pastera

Although here in FL they will be voting for recreational in the fall I believe. Big Daddy D is still mega boomer man with his stance on pot which probably won't help.
Zero chance.

He talked about it during the last campaign and as soon as he got into office when questioned about it stated “they were too busy”.

He won’t do it prior he will use it as a tool to get votes first once the polling shows how bad of a chance he has. But then still do nothing about it. People forget he was a major part of the crime bill and drug bills to begin with.

Police unions, prison unions, all the three letter agencies and big pharma don’t want it to happen. And they all have great influence

Marijuana wont be legal on federal level for quite some time unfortunately. Far too many closed minded people out there
Imagine the heads exploding in the military upper ranks if the troops could smoke?
Semantics, even if he can get a LTC, how would he 'legally' obtain a firearm? Face to face, sure, but he's still currently forbidden technically at the federal level. Wouldn't that make the face to face suspect if someone really wanted to dive into it?
I'm not sure if you're trying to make a point or just arguing for the sake of arguing while repeating the point I already made. Our laws are full of semantics, and these semantics are often what gets a case tossed out. Getting his LTC, under state laws and filling out the state forms, is no problem (depending on the jurisdiction he lives in since this state is "may issue"). Buying a gun from a FFL requires him to fill out federal paperwork, and falls under federal law, meaning there is a problem if he uses marijuana or even possesses a medical marijuana card. Unless something has changed recently, face to face transactions still fall under state law, so I'd expect state law to apply there, just don't have someone make a straw purchase for him. There was also a case last year in OK where a federal judge ruled that the prohibition on marijuana users possessing firearms violated the constitution, but so far I haven't seen or heard of anything more coming from that on either side, so who knows where it truly stands at this point.

So while not legal advice, as long as he doesn't lie on his 4473 (or any other form that requires you to sign under penalty of perjury), I would expect he should be fine. If you want actual legal advice on the matter, there are people you can call for that.
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