D-Day Match! Woburn Sportsmen's Association June 6th!


I've got the Fenix UC35. Several advantages include, 5 different brightness modes operated by a separate button from the tail cap button. Max 960 lumens (wicked bright, almost too bright). Nice beam spread with center spot so it lights up the room pretty well. Fairly compact size. USB rechargeable battery. I found it on EBay for $73, which seems like a lot, but compared to some others, it's not! If you wedge the light between your middle middle and ring finger, it angles it down slightly, which minimizes the amount of reflection of light from the smoke generated by firing the gun. At the next match, remind me and I'll let you try it out.


I can attest to it as well. My light had weak batteries so Dave let me borrow his light on Stage 6 and despite not having used it before, it worked great for me and was really easy to hold. I actually held it between pinky and ring finger and was able to get it to aim at point of aim of my pistol and it never moved around and it didn't interfere with my two handed grip. I also had no issue doing a reload while holding it. My Fenix TK11 sometimes moves because it is a bit thicker so harder to hold between the fingers though I am used to it and usually don't have trouble with it.
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