Woburn Action Shooters Practice Cancelation Notification

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Jun 8, 2015
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Action Shooting / IDPA Practice - Cancelation Policy

Practices begin again on 4/14/24. Practices can only happen when a qualified person is available to run them. Every now and then a situation will arise where there is no qualified person available to run practice. In these cases we have no choice but to cancel practice. This happens maybe 2 times during the season. Previously this has caused issues with notifying people resulting in people showing up for practice when it has been canceled. We are going to implement new procedures this year for canceling practice.

1. Notifications on the status/cancelation of practices will be posted to Woburn Action Shooters and Woburn Sportsmen's Association groups on Facebook and on Northeast Shooters - Pistol Competition.

2. A request will be sent to the webmaster to remove the practice from the WSA calendar. Depending on how much in advance the practice event may not be removed from the calendar.

3. There is a Woburn Action Shooters emailing list. You can subscribe to the list and receive notification when practices is canceled. You can signup for the email list with this link: https://woburnactionshooters.us14.list-manage.com/subscri... We are currently investigating updating our email software so we can send text messages in addition to email messages.

4. You will be able to find practices and signup for them ahead of time on Practiscore. You do not have to signup ahead of time however if you do and practice is canceled then you will receive an email from Practiscore when that happens.

Dave Draper
WSA IDPA Chairman
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