Competition Funnies???

Aug 30, 2005
Norwood, NC
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Who's got them?
I'll go first.
Sunday's LEG match up to Hampden, ME.
So we are prepping at 200 getting ready for our offhand.
1st firing order is almost all .30s except for Dave Dow and his son with .22s. Couple of M1s, and a few 14s.
A discussion broke out and there were comments going around about how the firing conditions weren't the same because the second firing order wouldn't have to deal with the blast of the .30s.
"We should change"
"Everyone should be firing under the same conditions"
"We should alternate, .30, .22, .30, .22"
So there it was on the tip of my tongue.......
Pat McD got it out first......
"Yeah, alternate just like in school, boy(30), girl(22), boy(30), girl(22), boy(30), girl(22)....."
Maybe you had to be there but there was a tremendous amount of laughing as the words of Pat sunk in.
Helped to break the nervous tension in the air.
That was my attempt to break everybody's comcentration so maybe I could steal a leg.

Didn't work.
AAHHH yes I can picture it now, I think I can guess who started it, but what was the outcome? BTW I would have ended up a girl.
Sorry I don't have any stories yet, last Saturday was my first full course SR match.
Haven't been shooting enough matches to have too many good stories yet. Tim was an interesting sight at our last D-Day match as range officer. Full kit including gas mask which he had to keep lifting to smoke his cigar. :)
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