"Carry Law" books?

Feb 27, 2006
Cape Cod
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Hi all.... I am looking for books related to concealed carry and deadly force law in Mass. So far, I have read Ayoobs "In the Gravest Extreme" and also a DVD that was basically a taping of the "legal" portion of LF1.

I'm hoping to find some books/DVD's that are tailored for Mass law and the general "political" climate that I would be subjected to in Mass if faced with using deadly force.

How do you all feel about training courses verses an indepth consultation with an attorny who specilizes in SD & firearms law? With regards to the amount and qaulity of legal information?

Thanks N_O
Chief Ron Glidden's book "Law Enforcement Guide to Firearms Law" is an excellent book on what you can and can't do in MA.

Do a Search on the forum for more info on it.

It is available from AFS in N. Attleboro for $30 (9th Edition) or MPI (part of our enemy org MCOPA) for $45 + shipping (10th Edition).
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