C&R FFL Received - Now what?


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Mar 11, 2005
Stoneham MA
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I received my C&R in the mail yesterday..woohoo!!

Now for the big questions.. who what, & where? I have to take the new license out for a test drive :D

I am aware of the discounts offered by Brownells and Midway.. any suggestions on other places to send my newly signed copies?


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That's a tough question this time around.

There are lists, but since this is MA and many on those lists will NOT ship the right time of day to MA subjects, it's only a waste of postage and time to send the C&R FFL to them.

My renewal license was effective August 1st and I received it about 5 weeks ago and haven't sent it to anyone yet!
You'll probably recoup the cost of your license with your first order with Midway or Brownells.

Here are the ones I sent mine off to:


There are tons more but that's a good starting point. Some of them won't ship ammo or standard capacity magazines to Mass.

I think a K31 is going to be next in my book.
I believe that this question has come up before, with the usual "I don't know" and "Nobody will ship anything to the PRofMA" responses. There have also been a few added cautions that there are moles lurking so that nobody should openly post information on distributers who will ship here, less they be screwed over by the AG.

I haven't made any serious use of my C&R (other than as a discount card) for quite some time. If anybody knows of any distributers who will ship nasty things like guns here, please PM me. I'm sure that Bugieman would apprecieate a similar post.

Back in late 2001-early 2002 I tried to order a CETME from SOG, to be shipped to Four Seasons . . . three times. They canceled the order each time without telling me or Carl! Finally they admitted that they would NOT ship any rifles to MA at all! Couldn't reason with them and when I asked to speak with a manager to connect him with someone who could set them straight (Ron Glidden), they hung up on me.

I put them on my permanent shit-list and wouldn't waste my time sending them a C&R FFL.

Like Ken, I think it was 2002 that I last used my C&R to order a gun shipped to me from out of state, so I don't even know who will/won't do what any more.
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