Article: Texas AG: Response to Church Shooting Should Be More Armed Law-Abiding Citiz

This guy has it right. Queen Mora should take note. Oh yea, nevermind, she is too busy trying to puff up her political career to give single **** about peoples lives!

Time to STOP blaming the law-abiding for these issues and start attacking the real problem!
Happening in Texas ,I can’t believe no one inside the church didn’t have a gun.

The church's average attendance was about 50 people. A number of those were children. Let's be generous and say there were 50 adults eligible to have a CHL in attendance that day.

Fewer than 4% of Texas residents have CHLs, so statistically only two people would have been legally able to carry in church that day. Most CHLs don't carry every day, especially when out of their regular clothing and in church duds.

It's completely plausible that no one was carrying in that church.
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