Article: Paul Ryan Ignoring National Reciprocity for 43rd Consecutive Week

Beyond useless. My feces does more for the country then Ryan does. And that ain't jack.
There is a guy running against him in the primary - send him money, along with any other primary challengers for the RINOs.

Ryan is a useless swamp creature - as evidenced by the fact he was Mitten's running mate.
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I guess these guys really do fear an armed uprising, so it's easier to keep people contained and isolated in pockets, rather than spread out all over. I sure hope that Ryan gets an F--grade from the NRA.
Lyin' Ryan only wants to get re-elected. Talks an AMAZING game (his speech at the 2016 RNC was incredible. Too bad he went back to DC and continued to grow govt), but men are judged by their actions and NOT their words!
I have two issues with this. 1) No permit anywhere is needed whatsoever. 2.) Travel is a right, not a privilege and motor vehicles are the means in which to do so efficiently in the modern era. One cannot believe in liberty but also believe the government has the right to license travel.
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