I hope Rookie Officer Adam "12" Eller makes a full recovery. Maybe he should have a car decal
"Armed Citizens Are Your Best Protection"?
I think that is one cop who will forever have a very favorable view of armed citizens and the second amendment.
Glad the cop was released-wishing him a full recovery.

"The whole citizen carry issue, often mixed in with the broader debate over “gun control” in general, has been terribly politicized and the debate rages on to this day. Yes, the United States is the leader in “per capita gun deaths among industrial nations,” a statistic that gun control advocates love to throw around. However, as most cops will tell you, the issue is a whole lot more complicated. One of the best resources out there is John Lott’srecently updated book “More Guns, Less Crime.” Basically, Lott concluded in an 18 year study that states who allowed citizens to carry concealed weapons saw violent crime goes down. Pretty logical stuff; the more law abiding citizens who train and arm themselves, the less victims we have. He has continued to study this issue objectively but passionately; every crimefighter should read his work.

My adopted home town, the city of Chicago, is a perfect example of Lott’s conclusions. We’re averaging 20 – 40 shootings a weekend, three Chicago cops have been killed this year, off duty, since May, and yet Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation! Who’s got the guns? The cops and the bad guys; and frankly, the cops tend to be out-numbered and often out-gunned. All the gun laws in the world aren’t going to keep thugs from owning, carrying and using firearms, so all the City of Chicago is doing is keeping law abiding citizens from legally obtaining personal protection firearms.

I’m retired now, but as I travel throughout the United States, training with and filming law enforcement personnel, I take advantage of HR 218; I am always armed, and I’m grateful for the privilege. I am now a firm advocate of well-trained, well-armed civilians, and this is an issue that police officers must get more involved in. With layoffs, cutbacks, workplace violence and the raging “war on cops” in the United States, we may have to depend on our citizens to step up, jump in, and help out in an armed encounter. After all, you don’t have to have a badge to wear a white hat and be one of the good guys. Stay safe!"
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This. Hopefully he recovers with no permanent injury.

absolutely agree. the good news is they said he was treated and released already. So that hopefully is a good sign he will fully recover....

"Officer Eller was rushed “to OU Medical Center with serious injuries, but was released on Wednesday and is expected to make a full recovery.”
I find it "interesting" , to say the least, that I've been online and have been watching news throughout the day during a slow workday double-shift, so I'm pretty bored and just going to various news sites...yet saw absolutely NOTHING about this heroic action by a LEGAL GUN OWNER on any of the mainstream sites. Yet I log into NES and there's the story.

Must be a busy day at the mainstreams, what with the all-important Tom Brady suspension, etc etc...Much too busy to report anything about a "good guy with a gun..."
Nearly did this last year down south while visiting family. 2 guys & a chick ripped off the local grocery while my family was inside. Uniformed officer stopped them in the parking lot. Chick and smaller guy split, big guy decides he's going to fight and gets tazed. He twitches a couple times, yanks out the barbs, then starts beating on the cop. I hung close just in case it went really ugly and via my truck tailed them from a safe distance once the perp broke off and ran across the street. Of course family bitching to leave, but this was one of my BIL's coworkers and I was well armed.

Back up arrived before too long & the cop was ok given the initial beating. I thought it was quite cool headed of him to give chase without shooting, even after getting roughed up. Once more po-po arrived, the guy knew it was over and just gave up. He was cuffed and stuffed into the car without any head slamming or other crap you see in the news.

Once they identified him, it turned out the guy was wanted for manslaughter in Oregon. I did not have to do anything, but was ready if absolutely necessary. I've done ride-alongs with my detective BIL and have been around this PD for many, many years. Good people, and mostly cool-headed 'protect and serve' types (not protect and serve the sh!t out of you). I know, NES will revoke my ACAB license for this LOL.
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