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Air Rifle laws?

Jun 4, 2006
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Hi, looking to sell my air rifle, and was wondering what laws would apply. I'm assuming that the buyer doesnt need to have a FID or LTC since I got it from wally world with no FID. The buyer only has to be 18+ years old, correct?

No FID or LTC required by law.

I do believe it is 18+, but not 100% certain and too tired to check right now.

I suggest doing a bill of sale between both parties and request a DL or some ID to just cover yourself.
Now isn't that funny? About the law that is... I have a .177 break action rifle that shoots hollow point bullets 1000 fps. It's most definitely lethal for some critters including red squirels.. for sure. ;) Maybe because it doesn't hold a magazine of 10 plus rounds it's harmless in MA... a 22 on the other hand forget it! Go figure. Sorry for the off topic...
Chris said:
18 to purchase and must have adult supervision to use. Of course, some communities use some heavy handed tactics to limit sales, and some retailers have their own rules.

Order them via the mail.

I like this one: M134 BBgun

That was SICK!!! They're under $1K too. Someone needs to splurge before the next NES Shoot!
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