Ain't she Sweet???

Aug 18, 2005
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My White Oak Armament AR-15 Upper arrived today... boy is she sweet and the trigger job by John Holliger.... feather light second stage...

Can't wait til tomorrow to try her out at the range!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone have suggestions for barrel break in???

If anyone from Westfield MA is reading this and will be at the club Saturday, come on by... I'm the guy with the s--- eating grin on his face. Now if I can only hit the target???

[lol] [lol] [lol]
First I have to clean her out... then I have to spend some quality time caressing her butt (stock), slowly moving towards the receiver and around the trigger... moving slowly, ever slowly towards the muzzle... and then... and then.... Oh... Oh... Oh... I almost forgot to load some magazines....

But seriously, I am brand new to HP rifle, so will be spending gobs of time just practicing loading mags, unloading mags, single shots for barrel break-in and sighting at 100 and 200 yds... After that... It'll be lots of dry firing before I actually try my first CMP match in October.

Have a nice weekend.

1 in 8 or 1 in 7 twist?
Stainless barrel, I'd imagine.
I've got a new match upper coming from White Oak Precision at some point in time.
Reading your post only makes the waiting that much more difficult.
Barrel break-in instructions weren't included?
Which barrel did you get? Regardless, my opinion on break-in is just shoot and clean as usual. That's what John H. told me at Perry when he built my upper the day before the President's 100 this year. Also, the same thing Derek did with his, I believe.
John & Jeff are the best! Wilson 1 in 7 Stepped Crown (MA Compliant...) I cleaned her with a patch to remove the shipping oil... Came sighted in ( not cetain what distance... I resighted her at 100 yds yesterday... Shoots fine... Just shoot and clean as you would normally I was told by a championship shooter from our club.

The 2 stage trigger is really smooth... nice let off of the second stage.

I did OK from the bench, but my offhand barely made it to the target... so I hope my sling gets here soon!

Take care folks.

Update for 9/11... 60 shots... 50 Offhand (elbows on the bench...) and 10 Prone... Much better that Saturday and still working on finding 'zero'... Ordered a mat and coat this evening... I'm so stoked for the matches in October!

To quote 'Flounder' from Animal House --- "This is gonna be great !!!!!!!!!!"

Jon :eek: :eek: :eek:
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