2023 Massachusetts "Omnibus" gun bill

Just an FYI, if the PD are in your home for something like a medical, if something is in plain sight, that item and it's criminal nature must be readily apparent for the plain view doctrine to be in effect. I'm not in favor of these fishing expeditions, just passing the info along.

Good info - plus is then no fishing thru safes, negative is any firearm or ammo in plain sight is likely enough to support its criminal nature (safe storage laws).
How is this enforceable? Do they know how the internet works? What about those of us that can (and have) designed and built their own stuff from scratch? Are they going to have anyone with a Mech E degree line up for a lobotomy? God I can't wait to leave.
The idea would be that only manufacturing FFLs could have access to these things. But this is a topic even CA isn’t touching as anyone with an Ender would be a potential criminal. Legislation like this is being passed around the country by Moms Demand. Everytown. The usual suspects. And our legislators just take their talking points and try to turn it into proposed law.
Only the sixth best? Comon, you guys can do better. I want MA to be the first best. Gotta be good at something. Can’t think of anything else. Oh, you’re good at paying genetic freaks bajillions of dollars to get balls in some net or goal. This could be your other thing you’re really good at.
It’s not the balls that are supposed to go in the hole….
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