Where Do You Get Your Reloading Supplies?

Can't do mail-order anymore. Because of the AG, most distributors won't ship to MA. Many of them won't even ship to an FFL.

I'm trying to figure out how to (cheaply) find an address in NH that I can have components shipped to.
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Do a Search here about this, but the AG's goon squad does get info from online sources and then threatens those that are brave enough to ship here. That is why the Mods will delete any such info on mail-order sources posted in any thread.

If you want to share info on who will ship to you, do it via PM/Email . . . but just make sure that you trust the person you correspond with not to turn it over to the AG for his "special treatment"!

Thank you.

P.S. TBP - I know that you know this drill, but we have lots of new members and I want to make sure that they are aware of the potential problem as well.
Thanks for the reminder Len. I should have worded the question better. I
was really looking for local suppliers as I would rather support the local shops.
I also wanted to know if people were buying mail order, and not looking for their
sources to be posted. If they were doing mail order I would have PM'ed them
for the info.

M1911 said:
Can't do mail-order anymore. Because of the AG, most distributors won't ship to MA. Many of them won't even ship to an FFL.

I'm trying to figure out how to (cheaply) find an address in NH that I can have components shipped to.

What about the NES firearms and shooting supply warehouse in Nashua? [smile]

I don't know who/where they have good stock of reloading supplies.

I do know that Carl bought a boatload of plated bullets from West Coast. Decent prices, but it's taken him 2 years to sell out all but the .38/.357 bullets. Don't count on him reordering any more!

You might try Ted at Northeast Trading in N. Attleboro. Try some of the other bigger shops.

Best bet with any shop is to call or go there and talk with the owner. Ask about pricing for a bulk order and see if you can get a good deal on a bulk order. If you are buying only 1K of primers, 1# powder or 100 bullets at a time, you will pay thru the nose for it. If the shop isn't going to get stuck with items that may not move forever, you may get a good deal.
Powder & primers........I get from a local dealer in the South Shore area.
Brass....I think I bought 100 R-P cases once in Maine. Just about all my brass is pick-up stuff from the firing line at the club.
Bullets come from a non-local source.
Reloading Supplies

I get the bulk of powder and primers at Riley's in Hooksett, NH. The prices are decent and he has what I need. I get some of my Sierras through them. I also had some luck getting powder and primers at the local gun shows. Last time primers were $16 per K and powder in large quanities was decently priced. The downside of mailorder is the shipping charges and hazmat. Makes buying local a better deal.

KTP prices went through the roof. Nice place to sightsee but I avoid getting supplies there unless I'm really in need. The only exception is that they sell Dillon and I've picked up some of their stuff as the pricing is that same as Dillon's price, less shipping (but with tax).[grin]
I do mail order for all my reloading stuff I don't live in Mass. But none of my gun shops around me doesn't have anything like the gun shops of yesteryear had. They seem to have gotten away from stocking reloading stuff. Maybe its our older generation that reloaded more back then and the newer gererations don't? You would think with the higher prices on new ammo and with the supply of surplus ammo running out as we speak more and more the gun shops would see the nitch starting to grow more towards reloading.

And yes reloading isn't as cheap as it once was too. But were getting a better quality ammo. I have noticed its in reloading the pistols is were we really save $$. But with this new affordable ammo from the former yugoslavia and russia is probably cheaper than reloading in some calibers too for plinkin. I think this ammo thats under $10 a box it isn't worth reloading if we consider the cost and time for plinkin ammo.(sometimes)

My powder, my primers, my new brass and bullets plus reloading tools all come by the BBT. I buy large quantities when the hazmat fee is involved.

I still reload during the winter to keep me busy too.

I thought that KTP was heaven when i first walked into the place till I seen the prices on reloading supplies. I thought a place that big would be a little cheaper.

I think we need a nation wide gun store like walmart or homedepot that has wall to wall guns and reloading equipment ay affordable prices. Its long over due. These mom and pop gun shops aren't doing the business they could be doing if they had everything, plus there are no shops around like i once had in my area.
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Depends on what you are looking for...

Dies and Press supplies I just order directly from Dillon.

As for heads. I have an office in Biddeford, ME. So I try to swing a town over or so when I'm there and pick up some heads directly from Northeast Bullets. Saves 8 bucks off the internet price for a 1000 heads. Which is almost always just a few bucks more than the 50 price at most shops.

And, if you live outside of MA, or any other state in the US. The website price posted is with shipping included. So that's the price you pay. You really can't beat his prices...

As for powder and primers, I pick it up at Ted's, or when I'm down at Bullseye in RI. Really, if I'm at a shop, and they have a good price, I'll pick up a pound or two.

As for Brass. I've always just went picking at my club after Police training. Or just buy commercial and keep my brass after I've shot it. I've bought some brass from people that were selling it locally...and when I was in Ohio, I would by a lot of brass off of eBay.
There are a few mail-order sources that I'm aware of, but I'm not about to post names here. Otherwise, I like Riley's - great folks, and they most always seem to have what I'm looking for. Plus, you get the added satisfaction of screwing the PR of M out of the sales tax.
Sparky's Gun Shop in Webster (Mass.). He carries cast bullets made by Northeast Bullets in Maine, as well as primers and powder that meet my needs. For brass, I use mainly pickups.
This is for handgun cartridges only, which is all that I handload. For rifles I use surplus military ammo., or .22s in my old Remington for woodchucks who decide that I planted my vegetable garden for them.
C-pher, thanks for the info on Northeast Bullets. I'm just starting to get some equipment for reloading & that's a nice local source for me.

kittery Trading Post is running free seminars for people that want to learn how to reload, and they have a pretty good selection of supplies. The guys that work in reloading know their stuff, and they teach the seminars.
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