What Are Your Thoughts on Smart Guns?

Would never even consider buying or using a smart gun! JUNK!!
I agree 100% -- Smart == "adding more ways to fail".

Like the NSSF, I fully support the right of manufacturers, retailers, and consumers to choose to waste their money on locally-authenticated "authorized user technology". The problem is government mandates putting their thumb on the scale of the free market.
The company’s CEO and founder Kai Kloepfer told NBC News that the complexity of the smart gun is equal to a “small satellite.” The firearm allows up to five authorized users, disabling the trigger mechanism after it leaves their hand. The biometric sensors do not work if the users’ faces or fingerprints are completely covered as it is intended for home use, according to Biofire.

The product has been tested for conditions such as different temperatures and sweaty hands. However, since the U.S. does not have a federal product safety regulation for firearms, there are no industry standards to test biometric weapons. The handgun meets consumer product safety requirements as well as individual states’ handgun safety standards, the firm says.

Might as well add geofenced activation. For your safety.
My opinion is simple. Let the market decide. The New Jersey “smart gun” law set back any R&D by 20 years, so I have no idea what’s possible.
I would be fine with it as an option, but the NJ example is exactly why it needs to be soundly rejected. The gun grabbers would eventually make it mandatory…for civilians anyway.
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