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W.SpringField Militaria Gun & Knife show

Dec 27, 2005
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W.Springfield Militaria Gun & Knife show on Saturday June 3 9am to 5pm and June 4 9am to 3pm.

This is at the Eastern States Exposition "Young Building" at the Home of the BIG E Fairgrounds.

See you there!!!!!!
Since this show is in my backyard I almost always go to it. Not many good deals on guns any more but always a small part or book to pick up.

Since my youngesy son is in baseball now and has Saturday games I will almost certainly go on Sunday.
We usually go also, since it is close by. We just got the post card in the mail today for it. We'll have to see what we are doing that weekend.
We must remember this is a latespring/early summer gun show too and there isn't too much stuff in the past ones at this time but we just may find something were looking for too there's always that one chance. I haven't seen great deals on prices at this gun show lately too they seem to be slim to none but i go anyway to look we just never know. This sport is still affordable on some stuff but its not like it once was. The BIG E October gun shows seem to have the most stuff. I'm having more fun now just looking now anyway its a chance to get out.

Even the pickin's at the dealers on the net are starting to look slim lately too. All I see are mosins, yugo mausers and some endfields with the swiss k31's drying up thats about it besides the yugo sks's its slim pickin's with nothing new in site. So its time to hit the gun shows and the gun shops and look for some older collector recycling his goods. Its a matter of being in the right place at the right time and with the cash to take advantage of the situation. I kind of like going out beating the bushes looking for good buys its fun. So when your at the gun shows look in the dark corners in the racks and in the back of the tables and you just may find a rare buy that others have missed.
It does make a good day with the misses too if we go to Yankee Candle after the gun show plus there's a good deli/sandwich shop across the street before yankee candle too they had great roastbeef wraps the last time i was there.
W.Spring Mil-Gun Biggie Show

I think i need a Gun-Show Rush right about now.! all i have ben-buyin latley
have been Boyonets to top off my millies!! thay are starting to go bonker,s
as far as Price go,s if anyone needs a Bayo for a 1917Enfield thay are around
infact there is an artical in the American Rifleman that i just go today about
the 1917 U.S.Enfield Bayo,s and it tells where to get one and i just got one from that exact place Monday! thay are in super condition!! Gayronteeeed
thay also fit the Pattern 14 British and the trench-shotgun! So i think i
will try to make that BIG-E Show on Sat Maybee??

Sheriff Dudley s.a.s.s. #17925
The last couple Springfield shows have turned me off. High prices and poor selection. It may rain this weekend so I still may go.
A friend and I will be there on Sunday morning. It's only about a mile or two from my house and being a West Springfield resident I can park for free because they give out parking stickers free to residents (except it's not good during the BigE fair). You never know what's going to be there. The last gun show I went to ( Durham) I picked up a New in the box Calico Gatlin gun kit for M1 carbines for cheap (well not so cheap now because I had to buy 2 M1 carbines). I'm not looking for anything but you never know what might chatch my eye.
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