Virginia--McAuliffe to unveil gun control measures


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Jan 13, 2013
Milky Way
Terry McAuliffe is a sycophant for the Clintons. He co-chaired Bill's campaign in 1996 for re-election, and chaired Hillary's 2008 senate campaign. As with most anyone associated with the Clintons, McAuliffe has a storied past. He sold his shares of Global Crossing just before the company declared bankruptcy (in the same month). Yeah, he didn't know anything about it. Investors lost $54 BILLION and the company lost 10,000 jobs.

In 1997, McAuliffe invested $100,000 in Global Crossing,[SUP][10][/SUP] a Bermuda-registered telecommunications company providing fiber-optic networking services worldwide.[SUP][15][/SUP] Global Crossing went public in 1998.[SUP][16][/SUP] The following year, McAuliffe sold the majority of his holding for a $8 million profit (he could have earned $18 million if he had sold earlier).[SUP][17][/SUP] McAuliffe sold the rest of his shares in January 2002.[SUP][17][/SUP] The company filed for bankruptcy that same month, causing investors to lose over $54 billion, and 10,000 employees to lose their jobs.[SUP][17][/SUP][SUP][18][/SUP] According to McAuliffe's book, he played no management role in Global Crossing.[SUP][[/SUP]
(Bold emphasis mine)

At the end of Bill's second term, he was involved in a controversial loan of $1.35 million to the Clintons that allowed them to buy their NY home. McAuliffe also raised $26.3 million in a tribute fundraiser for the Clintons, and Hillary had the gall to state this year that they were broke when they left the WH. Bull$hit!

McAuliffe has had a prolific fundraising career within the Democratic Party, and a long personal and political relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton.[SUP][12][/SUP] McAuliffe and his staff raised about $275 million, then an unprecedented sum, for Clinton's causes while he was in office. Once Bill Clinton's term was served, McAuliffe loaned them $1.35 million to purchase a New York City home, in a deal that raised ethical questions.[SUP][27][/SUP][SUP][28][/SUP] In 2000, McAuliffe chaired a tribute fundraiser to Clinton, which set a fundraising record for a single event, raising $26.3 million.[SUP][29][/SUP]
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Dec 21, 2012
It will go nowhere, Repubs control both houses of the VA State legislature.

This. Will go nowhere but the new guy has to make some noise anyways. Say he fought the gun lobby blah blah.

Also, shows how a mostly conservative state can be overrun by a few liberal cities, those obviously being the northern suburbs near DC.
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