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  • Well, then I shouldn't tell you about the 7.5 in A2 AR pistol I am completing today. With a
    SIG Arm Brace to make it look like a baby AR. Then there's the 8" 300 Blackout AR pistol
    I have. Both are made with 80% lowers, so they are totally off the books. I am making a
    drop leg holster for the Blackout to open carry it. Thinking of building a Can for the to go
    with the Blackout too.

    Escape the madness that is Mass!

    I also got five 20 round Drums for my Saiga-12 Shotgun, ten 33 rounders for my Glock.
    Not to mention all the 30 round Pmags, and a Surefire 60 rounder.
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